Handout photo of the French anti-jihadist military force Barkhane in Mali handed control of the Gossi camp to the Malian army on April 19, 2022, after nine years of uninterrupted presence in the central area of the country. Tensions between France and the ruling junta have risen steadily since 2020: Amid a chorus of cries that French troops were no longer welcome, Malian army officers used years of European military training to seize the state twice, expel the French ambassador, and contract with Wagner, the Kremlin-linked paramilitary force that expanded its footprint into African countries. Photo by Etat-Major des Armees via ABACAPRESS.COM
France out of West Africa, supposedly ending 8-years of muddled military mission

Meanwhile as the Sahel slides further into chaos, Washington should resist pressure to take the Europeans’ place.

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