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Middle East

Gulf States led DC lobby blitz targeting Iran military wing as terrorists

Their ongoing influence is effective even today, as Biden remains reluctant to lift IRGC terror listing to make way for JCPOA renewal.

North America

Why is Biden's DoD standing behind Trump's retrograde landmine policy?

In 2020, Trump reversed a total ban by Obama. According to a statement today, nothing has changed. Why?


Blinken grilled for maintaining Trump's sanctions on war crimes court

Rep. Ilhan Omar raised concerns in a hearing this week about whether Biden is legitimizing Trump's attacks on the ICC.


Is President Biden daring North Korea to start a crisis?

The new administration is promoting the failed idea that sanctions can be used for leverage — and Kim Jong Un is responding predictably.

How bad US foreign policy blows back on its allies
Washington Politics

How bad US foreign policy blows back on its allies

An ongoing spat between Iran and South Korea is a direct result of Trump’s failed ‘maximum pressure’ campaign.


In seeking New START extension, Biden avoided a diplomatic meltdown

The administration followed these six principles, keeping everything on the table while giving both sides room to breathe.