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Doug Bandow


Wake up: Pushing de-nuking on N.Korea is a dream with a nightmare ending

Talks must begin with the leverage of sanctions. Everything else is not only folly; it’s fantasy.


A little alliance tending? US shouldn't make SoKo-Japan row worse

World War II is way in the past but continues to warp present relations. Washington may have to use tough love to make it work.


S. Africa neutral on Ukraine, plans drills with 'friends' Russia & China

The latest example of much of the rest of the world going their own way and not buying into the 'order' the West wants to enforce.

Washington Politics

When people protest for freedom, what can Americans do to help?

We’d all like to see brutal dictators fall, but effective policy requires a little humility about Washington’s ability to make that happen.

Middle East

Ending the Syria war, getting US troops out, and lifting sanctions

The status quo is doing more harm than good. Let's admit failure before more people are hurt and put in harm's way.