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Responsible Statecraft is the online magazine of the Quincy Institute and is committed to modeling the transparency that we think is vital for the think tank industry, so all donations of $5,000 or more will be acknowledged on our website.

Responsible Statecraft—or RS—is the online magazine of the Quincy Institute. It serves as an increasingly influential hub for experts and journalists supporting a different vision for America’s role in the world. RS actively promotes a positive U.S. foreign policy based on a greater sense of humility, diplomatic engagement, and military restraint.

Our writers provide fresh analysis and sharp, informed criticism, traversing conservative and progressive, as well as international and domestic perspectives. With a stable of writers from across the U.S. and the globe, RS has established itself as an important venue for the examination of the ideas and interests that have animated the last 75 years of U.S. war policy. Its editorial mission is to help expose and challenge the consensus thinking that has mired the country in endless conflict, taken the armed services and support from the American people for granted, and made the world less safe.

Our vision is a United States where it is easier to end a war than it is to start one.

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