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yemen war

With — or despite — US influence, Yemen appears poised for real peace
Middle East

With — or despite — US influence, Yemen appears poised for real peace

Washington was a big part of the war's protraction, but it's been largely on the sidelines during so-far successful talks.

Washington Politics

Rhetoric vs. reality: Biden’s foreign policy in review

At mid-term, the president's actions in these key areas don’t yet match his early, bold talk. But it’s not too late for course corrections.

Middle East

Breaking: Yemen ceasefire extended after today's expiration

Both sides have up held parts of the bargain but the reprieve in violence is fragile. Washington cannot ignore its own role moving forward.

Middle East

Congress begins effort to end US role in Yemen war

A bill introduced in the House this week will mark the third time lawmakers have invoked their war powers during the conflict.

Middle East

Saudi bombs drop on Yemen, DC lobbyists whitewash the damage

The Kingdom has spent $100 million dollars over the course of the 7-year war to make you think they are all about 'peace.'

Middle East

Numbers don't lie: more Saudi attacks on Yemen came after new US support

It's been seven years, but the Biden administration seems less likely than ever to follow through with its pledge to help end the war.