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Annelle Sheline

Middle East

Increased regional tensions highlight UAE's balancing act

Abu Dhabi's 'zero problems' foreign policy is being put to the test by the Ukraine war and Israel's quarrels with the Palestinians and Iran.

Middle East

Delayed war powers vote risks further suffering in Yemen

After White House pressure, Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrew his resolution aimed at ending US complicity in the Saudi-led conflict.

Middle East

Biden blesses MBS immunity for Khashoggi murder

If these are the 'consequences' for Saudi Arabia's OPEC slight, it's hard to see what an actual punishment might be.

Middle East

How the US can easily alter its relationship with Saudi Arabia

A War Powers Resolution will cut US aid to the kingdom's war on Yemen; it has wide bipartisan support and a fast track legislative process.

Middle East

Five ways Biden can 're-evaluate' the Saudi relationship now

Failure to respond to the Kingdom's slights would reinforce the perception that Washington is a mere oil dependent, susceptible to demands.