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Annelle Sheline

Middle East

Delayed war powers vote risks further suffering in Yemen

After White House pressure, Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrew his resolution aimed at ending US complicity in the Saudi-led conflict.

Middle East

Biden blesses MBS immunity for Khashoggi murder

If these are the 'consequences' for Saudi Arabia's OPEC slight, it's hard to see what an actual punishment might be.

Middle East

Five ways Biden can 're-evaluate' the Saudi relationship now

Failure to respond to the Kingdom's slights would reinforce the perception that Washington is a mere oil dependent, susceptible to demands.

Middle East

Breaking: Yemen ceasefire extended after today's expiration

Both sides have up held parts of the bargain but the reprieve in violence is fragile. Washington cannot ignore its own role moving forward.

Middle East

Emir's funeral becomes Biden's hoped-for reset with UAE

The high level delegation sent to Abu Dhabi in the wake of Sheikh Khalifa's death shows where the administration's priorities are.