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Kate Kizer

Middle East

Officials still 'don't know' if US arms were used to kill Yemeni civilians

It's not that the military and state department lack the capacity for tracking their weapons, it's just that such inquiries tend to get in the way.

Middle East

Congress begins effort to end US role in Yemen war

A bill introduced in the House this week will mark the third time lawmakers have invoked their war powers during the conflict.

Global Crises

Washington's military-first approach is bearing rotten fruit in the Sahel

But a potential opening to resolve local conflicts in Burkina Faso could provide a model to turn US security assistance on its head.

Washington Politics

Washington needs to do something about the UAE's dirty money

Putin and his cronies still find financial safe haven in the Emirates, which was recently added to a money laundering 'gray list.'

North America

US foreign policy and the American savior trap

The Ukraine crisis has highlighted Washington’s desire to police the world based on its collective hawkish whims.