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Military Industrial Complex

Failing F-35 fighter grounded once again

A faulty engine caused the $1.7 trillion boondoggle fighter to crash during a December quality check.

Military Industrial Complex

The B-21: another Air Force diva that can't deliver?

The glitzy debut of the next-gen Northrop Grumman bomber belies a payload of military industrial disappointments.

Military Industrial Complex

Military's search for tech zen goes transnational

For years the Pentagon has poured billions into private industry to prove advanced technology wins wars. Now NATO wants into the act.

Military Industrial Complex

Watchdogs urge Congress to pump the brakes on new F-35 engine

The proposed spending threatens to waste more taxpayer dollars on the Pentagon’s most expensive program, advocates say.

Military Industrial Complex

Recent string of deadly military crashes is no accident

Why can’t a $782 billion defense budget keep planes from falling out of the sky?

North America

Congressman to F-35 contractors: 'what in the hell are you doing?'

Lawmakers find out that the DoD's premier fighter can't pass tests and will cost $1.3 trillion over its lifetime to sustain.