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Andrew Cockburn

Military Industrial Complex

The $850 billion chicken comes home to roost

The military industrial complex is not designed to actually fight wars. If so, you wouldn’t see Ukraine struggling right now to win one.

Military Industrial Complex

Getting the defense budget right: A (real) grand total, over $1.4 trillion

Laying it out in graph form shows past and present gimmicks used to manipulate the public's perception of what is considered 'defense.'


We were promised 'economic shock and awe' against Russia

But one year after its brutal invasion of Ukraine, Moscow looks poised to weather the worst of Western sanctions.

Military Industrial Complex

The B-21: another Air Force diva that can't deliver?

The glitzy debut of the next-gen Northrop Grumman bomber belies a payload of military industrial disappointments.

Military Industrial Complex

The War Party parties in Aspen — at the rest of the world's expense

Policy discussions at this convocation of national security elite felt like something from another planet.