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Middle East

Itinerary: Palestinians will get the pop-in treatment and little else from Biden trip

Campaign promises prove to be just that, as the administration prioritizes Israel-Gulf State security over dwindling prospects for peace.

Middle East

Biden's trip to Israel is getting trickier by the day

At what point will Washington acknowledge that our "special bond" is helping forestall peace and hurting US interests in the region?

Middle East

As Congress moves to enshrine Abraham Accords, a look at the promised 'peace'

The Israel normalization agreements have stepped up weapons sales and emboldened despots' grip on their people. Was this the point all along?

Biden admin folds easily on pledge to reopen  consulate in Jerusalem
Middle East

Biden admin folds easily on pledge to reopen consulate in Jerusalem

Without putting up a fight, it shelved its own plan to reverse Trump's course, dimming hopes for peace talks.

Middle East

With weak response, US will pay price for Israel's terror designations

Unless he holds everyone to the same level of accountability, Biden will end up holding the bag for Tel Aviv's latest Palestinian crackdown.

Middle East

There is still time to stop the $735 million arms sale to Israel

The breadth of support for blocking the bomb sale shows that opposition to uncritical military support for Israel is growing.