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Jack Hunter

When Lindsey Graham's pro-life persona meets Gaza
Middle East

When Lindsey Graham's pro-life persona meets Gaza

The South Carolina senator has a curious scorched earth approach — at least when it comes to certain children.

Washington Politics

Neocon Nikki Haley rides again

The GOP presidential long shot talks about Ukraine like we were back in the Bush Administration. But is that what voters today want to hear?


On Reagan and Russian jets, Lindsey Graham is wrong again

US foreign policy is 'in free fall' only to the degree that anyone in charge listens to hawks like the senior senator from South Carolina.


Sadly, Graham's call for Putin's assassination is not his craziest moment

If this Republican had his way we'd be on the brink of WWIII at least a half a dozen times in the last decade.


Populists on the right are now openly challenging Republican war lust

No more lockstep: conservatives aren't afraid of being called names as they question America's interest in Ukraine.