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Middle East

An inauspicious start to Biden's democracies v. autocracies campaign

It was odd that Blinken chose to meet with Middle East autocrats in Israel at the same time Biden was marshaling the forces of the 'rules based order.'


Biden's dangerous refusal to reverse Trump's Western Sahara policy

Trump recognized the wholesale annexation of one country by another. If Biden lets that stand, the global implications are deeply troubling.

Middle East

As Congress moves to enshrine Abraham Accords, a look at the promised 'peace'

The Israel normalization agreements have stepped up weapons sales and emboldened despots' grip on their people. Was this the point all along?

Middle East

How Arab autocrats benefit from newfound friendship with Israel

Well ahead of 'normalization,' Middle East elites were tapping into Tel Aviv's influence in Washington, much to both's advantage.

Middle East

Why should we be celebrating a year of Abraham Accords?

Blinken is commemorating Israel 'normalization' tomorrow but these agreements are about conflict with Iran, not regional peace.

Middle East

Moroccan normalization with Israel: Temporary deal or permanent peace?

It is premature to assume that the normalization agreement between Morocco and Israel constitutes one step toward a permanent peace in the region.