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Jim Lobe

When the US helped kill democracy in Chile
Latin America

When the US helped kill democracy in Chile

50 years after a coup swept Augusto Pinochet into power, Washington’s role in the attack has come into focus.


Case studies: US military assistance in Africa doesn't work

Authors of new report worry that Washington won't heed their warnings but double down in an era of Great Power Competition.


Caught in the middle? East Asians worried about US-China conflict

US treaty allies are especially concerned that escalating tensions will have negative consequences for their countries. Wonder why.

Global Crises

The US military is operating in more countries than we think

A new report finds that DOD uses 'security cooperation' programs for 'secret wars,' recommends that Congress rein them in.


Poll: Europeans from NATO countries embrace US defense

However, the respondents in this major German Marshall Fund survey think Washington influence is on the wane, while China's is growing.