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Middle East

Turns out 'rethink' was a threat not a promise in US-Saudi spat

Once the midterms were over, all mention of holding MBS accountable disappeared, and in fact Biden now seems to be catering to him.

Middle East

China dips toes in the Gulf, puts Iran on the defensive

Beijing and Iran always had 'convenient' relations, but the former's visit to Saudi Arabia exposed some new limits.

Middle East

Biden blesses MBS immunity for Khashoggi murder

If these are the 'consequences' for Saudi Arabia's OPEC slight, it's hard to see what an actual punishment might be.

Middle East

Five ways Biden can 're-evaluate' the Saudi relationship now

Failure to respond to the Kingdom's slights would reinforce the perception that Washington is a mere oil dependent, susceptible to demands.

Middle East

MBS can't escape Khashoggi lawsuit with sudden 'prime minister' appointment

A royal decree just made the Saudi crown prince a formal head of state but Biden would be wrong to fall for it.

Middle East

Yemen ceasefire expires with country poised for more war, not peace

Houthi rebels are emerging 'winners' — flexing their power and leverage — while the Saudis remain mired in a conflict they can't get out of.