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North America

Dr. Oz and the battle over the future of Islam in the GOP

With Trump’s blessing, Turkish-American pop doc faces off against the old anti-Muslim wing in the senate primary Tuesday.

Middle East

Time to look inward: Not all of Iran's problems are caused by the West

To this author's mind, ideology continues to distort Tehran's foreign — and domestic — policies.

Middle East

The battle for the soul of Islam: Will the real reformer of the faith stand up?

Welcome to the era of soft power rivalry between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which is better than the usual proxy confrontation.

What we do not yet know about the Taliban and its Sharia rule
Global Crises

What we do not yet know about the Taliban and its Sharia rule

Though the insurgent group rushed to assure the West, its embrace of strict Islamic law leaves much to speculation.


US-funded media spreads bizarre conspiracy theory about Shi'a Muslims

The charges against the al-Khoe’i Foundation were so wild that the State Department had to step in and disavow the story.


Indonesia potentially set to take on China and claim leadership of ‘moderate Islam'

Indonesia has, until now, walked a fine line between the US and China, including its refusal to speak out on the plight of the Uighurs.