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Matthew Petti

Nikki Haley
Washington Politics

Nikki Haley thinks China is coming for your brain

The GOP presidential contender wooed potential donors at a low-profile event in New Jersey this week with hefty doses of fear-mongering about Beijing and Iran.

Jordan can't afford to pay for Israel's problems
Middle East

Jordan can't afford to pay for Israel's problems

The fantastical idea that Amman should give up land for a new Palestine won't go away.

Abraham Accords Israel Bahrain UAE
Middle East

The Abraham Accords are no victory for religious tolerance

Some sell the agreements as reducing 'Muslim-Jewish antipathy,' but they have also served to further entrench the Sunni-Shi'a divide.

Middle East

US slap sanctions on formerly CIA-backed Syrian rebels

The Biden administration slammed Turkey’s collaborators for anti-Kurdish crimes in Syria — including raping and torturing civilians.

Middle East

Cutting US aid to Israel won't cure what ills

America is tied and obligated to Jerusalem in ways that go far beyond just $3.8 billion a year in assistance.