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Shireen Hunter

Conflict in the Caucasus may not be over

Conflict in the Caucasus may not be over

Azerbaijan’s takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh has unleashed a grab bag of regional rivalries that have the potential to turn hostile

Middle East

Unresolved Palestinian issue remains a major source of Mideast tension

It's undeniable that the conflict in Israel-Palestine fuels instability across the region and negatively affects US relations.

Middle East

Time to look inward: Not all of Iran's problems are caused by the West

To this author's mind, ideology continues to distort Tehran's foreign — and domestic — policies.

Middle East

There goes the neighborhood: How Iran may be impacted by Taliban rule

Tehran has a long history with the Pashtuns across the border so their optimism is a bit tempered these days.

Middle East

Iran's next president unlikely to seek deals with the US

The expected winner will probably focus more attention on auditioning to replace the Supreme Leader.