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Giorgio Cafiero

Saudi Arabia Houthis
Middle East

Is a Houthi-Saudi truce in Yemen imminent?

The two major warring factions have had productive talks, but even if a deal is reached, the 'Sana'a delegation' has work to do domestically

Niger Algeria

Why Algeria wants to prevent war in Niger

Algiers is shopping a plan to restore democracy after the coup in Niamey and stave off a foreign military intervention

Iranian-Saudi deal: They didn't do it for love
Middle East

Iranian-Saudi deal: They didn't do it for love

Taking stock after six months: 'The decision to restore relations was made by both sides with cold calculation.'

Middle East

UAE-Iran islands dispute complicates regional diplomacy

But Abu Dhabi''s claims to Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa in the Strait of Hormuz aren't likely to lead to direct confrontation.

Middle East

Making sense of renewed Iraq-Syria ties

The US needs to learn that, despite Bashar al-Assad’s brutality, serious regional issues cannot be addressed without him.