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iran nuclear program

Why no one should take this hawkish think tank seriously

Why no one should take this hawkish think tank seriously

A recent graph FDD’s CEO shared on X regarding the Iran nuclear deal encapsulates why he and his org should be ignored

Rep. Gerry Connolly
Middle East

How members of Congress can take on Iran hawks

During a recent House hearing, Rep. Gerry Connolly thoroughly dismantled arguments in favor of a more militaristic approach.

Middle East

Centrist DC think tank: US should threaten war, regime change in Iran

The Center for a New American Security suggests this can all be done through 'private messages' to Tehran's leaders. Like texts?


Dear media: How many nuclear bombs does Iran have?

A survey of English language news finds it mentions Tehran's non-existent nukes more than actual North Korean or Israeli arsenals.

Middle East

How the West should respond to the Iranian uprising

The US and its partners should stand in solidarity with the protesters while keeping the diplomatic route open on the nuclear front.

Washington Politics

Pompeo's 'swagger' can't hide embarrassing tenure as top diplomat

Despite his weekend claims, he was the most partisan, anti-diplomatic secretary of state in recent memory.