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Military Industrial Complex

Getting the defense budget right: A (real) grand total, over $1.4 trillion

Laying it out in graph form shows past and present gimmicks used to manipulate the public's perception of what is considered 'defense.'

North America

DoD: Retired US officers marching into work for foreign governments

DoD laundry list exposes how much money is on offer for military brass looking to cash in on their connections and influence

Military Industrial Complex

Lawmakers quietly gave weapons firms bailout for unproven inflation burden

Even the Pentagon wasn't convinced these defense industry companies were suffering hardships requiring financial relief.

Military Industrial Complex

Hawks blow a lot of hot air over proposed budget cuts

Usual suspects wrongly claim that any DoD reductions in Rep. Kevin McCarthy's speakership deal would harm national security.

Military Industrial Complex

Here's why America's trust in the military is still in the dumps

After a precipitous decline in confidence, the Ronald Reagan Institute poll asked for reasons. The answers are illuminating.


Who ordered the Army Chief of Staff word salad?

Gen. McConville is a great example of why you shouldn't expect meat & potatoes when asking a senior officer to open up about anything.