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Middle East

Will democracy summit examine US role in perpetuating authoritarianism?

The cruel irony is Washington supports most of the world's autocratic nations with weapons and money.

Washington Politics

Anne Applebaum is peddling a democracy trope that no one is buying

Americans know that ideologues have cynically used the rhetoric of 'freedom' to push destructive policies on the world before.


How the US can respond to Chinese authoritarianism further eroding liberties in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is slipping further into Beijing's grasp and the U.S.'s options to help prevent that are limited.

Washington Politics

Trump's mass protest response comes straight out of the Middle Eastern dictator's handbook

You're not wrong if you're thinking that Trump's handling of the protests across the country in the wake of George Floyd's murder seems very familiar.

Washington Politics

The politics of the coronavirus

For the far right, the pandemic is a chance to enact border controls and erode the rule of law. It could also expose their utter incompetence.

Washington Politics

The hyper-nationalist politics of the COVID-19 pandemic

As the crisis worsens, it's likely that Donald Trump will seek to acquire more emergency powers to the executive branch, likely with broad public support.