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Ryan Costello

'Freezing' Iran's humanitarian fund is self defeating
Washington Politics

'Freezing' Iran's humanitarian fund is self defeating

ln a move that is sure to backfire, lawmakers want to block Tehran's access to an account made available from the prisoner swap deal because of its support for Hamas

Middle East

Hawkish senators make moves to take over Biden's Iran policy

Nuclear deal spoilers Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham are at it again, introducing a bill experts say will undermine negotiations.

Middle East

Biden's Iran policy has been a total failure

Time is running out to restore the nuclear deal and prevent the potential for another devastating war in the Middle East.

Middle East

Biden has fallen into Trump's Iran trap

'Max pressure’ has clearly failed, but the president seems to fear political blowback if he makes certain concessions to rejoin the JCPOA.

Middle East

House GOP opens a new shameful chapter in diplomatic sabotage

A letter signed by more than 160 Republicans promising to kill the Iran nuclear deal could have been drawn up by hardliners in Tehran.