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Middle East

Biden must prevent Israel’s march toward annexation

The Netanyahu government is moving ahead unimpeded with the Trump 'peace' plan.

Middle East

Democratic lobby group defends Israel’s demolition of Palestinian hamlet

Blaming Palestinians for their own displacement, DMFI is pushing back against its party's criticism of the largest West Bank demolition in a decade.

Middle East

The biggest danger of Israeli annexation may lie in Jordan

King Abdullah II has warned the United States that he fears that annexation could cause significant conflict within Jordan, as well as between Jordan and Israel.

Middle East

The Israeli annexation plan and Jordan’s West Bank moment

Jordan's reaction to Israel's looming annexation of parts of the West Bank might redefine the kingdom’s relations with both Israel and the United States.

Middle East

Israel’s unity government protects Netanyahu from prosecution, paves the way for annexation

Gantz was never going to stop annexation, but his partnership with Netanyahu will now make it easier for the new government to move forward on it in a more effective way.