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weapons manufacturers

Military Industrial Complex

Private equity gobbling up defense firms at a frightening pace: Experts

And with no obligation to disclose financials, companies often ‘disappear into a black box’ after an acquisition.

Military Industrial Complex

COVID hardly killed weapons biz: top companies see $513 billion in sales

Brand new report shows industry giants shielded by government demand for the goods and services of war.

Military Industrial Complex

America’s abyss of weapons and warmaking

There can’t be the slightest doubt: America worships its Pentagod and the weapons and wars that feed it.

Cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion? It can be done.
Military Industrial Complex

Cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion? It can be done.

But whether our leaders continue to succumb to the power of the arms lobby is an open question.

Military Industrial Complex

Arms biz cash swirls around House votes blocking Pentagon cuts

Many of those who opposed amendments to rein in DOD's bloated coffers have been underwritten by the weapons industry.


Report: Weapons industry pocketed at least $4.4 trillion since 9/11

Military contractors may have even ended up with as much as one-half of the Pentagon’s $14 trillion allocation from Congress.