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How Ukraine remade the rules in modern Middle East politics
Middle East

How Ukraine remade the rules in modern Middle East politics

The Persian Gulf’s oil and staggering wealth make the region one of the highest-stakes playing fields in the world.

Middle East

For the UAE and others, its business as usual with Israel

Tel Aviv's far-right government has caught flak across the Arab world, but Abu Dhabi has shown no interest in rolling back the Abraham Accords.

Washington Politics

Intel community sounds alarm about UAE's US meddling

A new report suggests the Gulf State's influence over American politics has now risen to the level of a national security challenge.

Middle East

When Saudi Arabia comes to town and buys all your water

Oil is not the only issue: the Kingdom is getting Arizona resources for a steal, and it's leaving citizens with little to nothing.

Middle East

Retired US military brass are cashing in with work for Gulf autocrats: reports

Some officials were even arranging plans to advise foreign governments while on active duty, according to a pair of new investigations.

Middle East

Congress bucks Biden, blocks $75 million in military aid to Egypt

A leading Democratic senator rejected the notion that Cairo has made efforts to improve its human rights record in the past year.