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Military Industrial Complex

The Navy wants to kill the Snakehead drone. Why won’t Congress let it die?

The half-baked undersea military program is set to cost taxpayers more than $500 million over the next five years.


Why the US and China should agree on limits to their carrier fleets

Aircraft carriers are expensive and ultimately of limited value in any potential great power conflict.

Military Industrial Complex

Bill demanding $21B for Navy shipyards another foolish gambit for quick cash

Applying phony solutions to real problems — it seems the armed forces, in league with Congress, has this down.

Washington Politics

Why would the Navy buy more ships when it is incapable of competently managing what it has?

Decades of disarray have led many to wonder: What's going on with the U.S. Navy?


The US and China are dangerously close to a military confrontation in the South China Sea

The coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is back at sea to join other U.S. warships in projecting power into the Western Pacific.

Will the US try to interdict Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela?
Middle East

Will the US try to interdict Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela?

It would be senseless for the U.S. to try to stop the petroleum transfer. It would be condemned by nearly every other country in the world as an abuse of U.S. power, with both Iran and Venezuela benefitting from political sympathy.