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Andrew Lautz

Military Industrial Complex

Christmas comes early for hawks as Congress considers giant defense bill

With military spending set to hit $858 billion next year, arms makers are buzzing with holiday cheer.

Military Industrial Complex

The annual military budget could hit $1 trillion by 2027

The push for China competition, along with a lack of fiscal discipline, is pushing Pentagon spending into the stratosphere.

Washington Politics

Senators plopped $100B of wishes into the military budget and went on recess

There are now 900 amendments to the NDAA. We break down some of the most extravagant and expensive.


Biden wants Ukraine aid slipped into massive US govt funding bill

His latest request could push total spending on the war to $70 billion. Will Congress get the chance to even debate it?

Military Industrial Complex

'Inflation': the Trojan horse for runaway military spending

Now begins Pentagon budget season and with it, a long wish list and efforts to justify massive increases.