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Michael T. Klare


Goodbye to the American Century, welcome to the 'G-3'

It is clear now that without a role for China and India, there will be no resolve to the Ukraine war. Here's why.


What if the US and China really cooperated on climate change?

Green diplomacy could help avoid a new Cold War.


The world's other nuclear flashpoint

As media attention is turned to Europe, tensions over Taiwan rise, with the US and China quietly inching closer to confrontation.

Global Crises

How to save the world (from a climate Armageddon)

Only when China and the United States elevate the threat of climate change above their geopolitical rivalry will it be possible to avert disaster.

Global Crises

Is a cold war still possible in an overheating world?

By 2049, the United States and China may be far too preoccupied with climate disaster to focus on conflict with each other.