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Trump tells CNN town hall: 'I want everyone to stop dying' in Ukraine

The Republican-friendly audience applauded when he said he 'would talk' to Putin and Zelenksy and end the war 'in 24 hours'

Washington Politics

Ripping up Trump's 'battle plan' of attack on Mexico's cartels

Chasing drug gangs and an endless rotation of kingpins into the cities and mountains — do we really want another Afghanistan?

Washington Politics

Beware the 'America First' foreign policy phonies

Right now it's fashionable to talk about national interests and even restraint, but with these folks, how much of it is sincere?

Middle East

No, Iranians aren't negotiating from a weak economic position

In fact its economy grew 4.3 percent last year, calling into question the hawks' view that 'maximum pressure' is beating Tehran into submission.

Washington Politics

Emperor unclothed? Why we can't expect 'big change' from the president

Something much bigger than POTUS — call it the MIC or the deep state — has de facto veto power on all matters related to national security.

Middle East

Iran's Revolutionary Guards don’t belong on the foreign terror list

Nuclear deal opponents are whining about this non-issue as it’s reportedly the remaining sticking point in re-entry talks.