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tom cotton

Washington Politics

First lethal blows, but still no unified call for war in Congress

In fact, a resistance to hawkish claims that Biden must bomb Iran is forming on both sides of the aisle

Washington Politics

Beware the 'America First' foreign policy phonies

Right now it's fashionable to talk about national interests and even restraint, but with these folks, how much of it is sincere?

Washington Politics

Cotton picks fight with legacies of Washington and John Q. Adams

The senator alternately dismisses and then tries to co-opt early foreign policy traditions to mask his tired interventionism.


Hawks up the ante: China is now a nuclear threat, too

What's clear from their overheated rhetoric is they desperately want there to be an arms race. To what end, we can only imagine.

Middle East

Rumored Iran envoy gets big boost after smear campaign tries to take him down

Hundreds of experts have signed a letter supporting Rob Malley after Iran deal opponents try to torpedo his appointment.


Congress wants more unnecessary anti-China weapons programs in annual defense bill

The Pentagon has more than it needs should it need to check China, but there's a bipartisan push in Congress for more.