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Middle East

Is Congress ready (and willing) to fix the president's Yemen policy?

Democrats have been reluctant to challenge Biden on this issue but the situation is getting worse and time is running out.

Middle East

No more loopholes: ban all US assistance in Yemen war now

Sens. Sanders and Markey and Rep. Khanna want to cut off all aid to Saudi Arabia. But will their efforts survive NDAA vote?

Middle East

House passes measure ending US support for Saudi war on Yemen

Rep. Ro Khanna has again pushed through this important amendment, but will other forces collude to kill it?

Middle East

The Saudi blockade on Yemen is a war crime, and only civilians suffer from it

Members of Congress are pressing President Biden to put the squeeze on Riyadh, and to use weapons sales as leverage.

Middle East

Progressive Dems: Biden needs to move first on Iran nuclear deal

Reps. Murphy and Khanna are frustrated with the pace of JCPOA re-entry, but the White House may be ready to make some moves.

Washington Politics

Why House Democrats Passed Bills Reining in Trump’s War Machine

Curtailing U.S. militarism is popular. Maybe it's time to tackle the Pentagon's budget too.