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Middle East

Facing a future with Erdogan

Demilitarizing the relationship with Turkey should happen regardless of the May 28 run-off. Here’s why.

Middle East

The roots of Turkey's balancing act with Russia on Ukraine

With an election looming, Erdogan knows that he needs to keep Ankara's economic relationship with Moscow intact.

Middle East

Turkey's Kurdish obsession explains Putin's gains and US strains

The sale of a Russian missile defense system encapsulates how the tide has turned.

Middle East

Will Joe Biden pave a new path for US-Turkey relations?

Trump’s recent sanctions on Turkey highlight a tumultuous relationship throughout the past four years.

Middle East

Will Turkey’s new ambassador mark a change in relations with Israel?

Turkish-Israeli relations have slowly devolved since Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power, but now there’s a chance to change course.

Middle East

Erdogan’s poem sets off a crisis in Turkish-Iranian relations

The Turkish president recited a poem at a recent victory celebration in Azerbaijan that triggered the Iranians.