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Rand Paul: Why do we still have troops in Niger?

Rand Paul: Why do we still have troops in Niger?

The Kentucky senator also demands to know how many countries the US military is operating in, under what authority, and why.

Pentagon Price Gouging
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Pentagon Price Gouging

Price gouging: the history of unaccountable U.S. weapons spending stretches back decades. But it’s getting renewed attention. And evidence of overcharging is easy to find if you’re looking.


Ukraine aid — and US stockpiles — are running out. What's next?

Capitol Hill is already talking about the next big tranche of assistance, despite a lack of battlefield — and political — clarity.

Military Industrial Complex

Dem, GOP lawmakers want to cut the DOD budget if it can’t pass an audit

The Defense Department is only federal agency to have never successfully passed financial health test and many in Congress now seek consequences.

Washington Politics

Feeling manipulated? How Uncle Sam perfected the information state

The Twitter Files are just the latest in 100 years of the government imposing its will through covert media and intimidation.

Military Industrial Complex

Failing F-35 fighter grounded once again

A faulty engine caused the $1.7 trillion boondoggle fighter to crash during a December quality check.