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Middle East

Saudi oil production cuts: A self-interested move

After years of acting as a global manager of oil markets under US tutelage, Riyadh’s posture now is clearly a 'Saudi-first' approach.

Latin America

Oil may be the gateway to kicking Venezuelan sanctions

The looming energy crisis seems to have Biden thinking more clearly about the status quo when it comes to Nicholas Maduro.

Middle East

Five ways Biden can 're-evaluate' the Saudi relationship now

Failure to respond to the Kingdom's slights would reinforce the perception that Washington is a mere oil dependent, susceptible to demands.


WSJ: UAE and Saudi deny visit to Biden, say they want more from US first

Washington is desperate for more OPEC oil production and our 'friends' know it. Some might call this extortion.

Middle East

Russian oil import ban highlights urgency to act on renewables

The US can take the lead on clean energy production while at the same time reducing its reliance on authoritarians with a lot of oil.

Middle East

Gulf security: It’s not all bad news

American withdrawal, coupled with the need to diversify Gulf state economies away from oil, is driving efforts to dial down regional tensions.