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Arms industry titan poised to sit on Council on Foreign Relations board
Military Industrial Complex

Arms industry titan poised to sit on Council on Foreign Relations board

Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet's nomination to this prestigious foreign policy post raises numerous questions.

Military Industrial Complex

Enormous Lockheed stock buybacks and dividends come at expense of taxpayers

The weapons industry giant's CEO announced the news on a call this week — a move that's effectively underwritten by the American public.


Defense industry CEOs face tough questions at Politico conference ... from a protester

The event’s sponsors were given a prominent platform to sell the military industrial complex without any official scrutiny.


'Face the Nation' interview with arms industry CEO was pure infomercial

Without a trace of skepticism, Margaret Brennan turned a Sunday morning interview into a Lockheed Martin sales pitch.

Military Industrial Complex

Lockheed CEO on excessive gov't contracts: We just do what they ask

When asked whether the taxpayer funds the weapons giant receives reflects US priorities, James Taiclet left out how much his company spends lobbying.

North America

Congressman to F-35 contractors: 'what in the hell are you doing?'

Lawmakers find out that the DoD's premier fighter can't pass tests and will cost $1.3 trillion over its lifetime to sustain.