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Middle East

How a shadowy, hawkish new group tied to Iranian monarchists is gaining influence in Congress

A pillar of Iranian Americans for Liberty's existence appears to be baselessly smearing its ideological opponents as agents of the regime in Tehran.

Middle East

Containing Iran and drawing the wrong lessons from the Cold War

Apart from overstating the Tehran threat, a new analysis exaggerates the success of US strategy in the demise of the Soviet Union.

Middle East

Don’t let facts get in the way of your pursuit for regime change

A prominent Iran hawk got called out after falsely blaming Biden for Iran's projected economic growth.

Middle East

Biden wants to be Harry Truman but may end up like Lyndon Johnson

Vietnam distracted LBJ from his ambitious domestic agenda. Iran could do the same for Biden.

Middle East

Here’s an easy way Biden can jump start diplomacy with Iran

Biden can waive sanctions on foreign companies working to contain Iran’s nuclear program.

Middle East

Will Senate Dems join Lindsey Graham’s effort to blow up the Iran nuclear deal?

The GOP senator has been calling for war with Iran for years, and is now circulating a letter some Democrats are reportedly going to sign.