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Samuel Hickey

Middle East

Amid Gaza war, a beefed up Saudi nuke program is still on the table

Biden said recently that the Israeli normalization deal with the Gulf kingdom is still alive, and along with it will come serious proliferation risks.

Middle East

Can an interim deal break the Iran nuclear impasse?

We need creative thinking as talks to restore the JCPOA appear to be frozen indefinitely while Tehran advances its atomic program.

Middle East

Here’s an easy way Biden can jump start diplomacy with Iran

Biden can waive sanctions on foreign companies working to contain Iran’s nuclear program.

Middle East

Biden should move quickly to clean up Iran’s murky financial system

Without reform, the Iranian people won’t see big economic benefits from reviving the JCPOA.

Washington Politics

How the Arms Trade Treaty has influenced the US-China diplomatic chessboard

Trump bowed to the NRA and withdrew the US from the Arms Trade Treaty, thereby ceding the moral high ground to China and missing an opportunity to rein in Iran