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iran nuclear deal

Middle East

Iran's Supreme Leader opens space for possible nuclear deal

Since Ayatollah Khamenei holds the final authority in all foreign policy matters, his diplomatic language here provides crucial insights.

Middle East

Biden's 'no Iran deal, no crisis' policy is unsustainable

With Tehran's nuclear program advancing rapidly in absence of the JCPOA, the president has options, if he stops ignoring the issue.

Middle East

Five years after Trump's JCPOA exit, Iran closer to bomb than ever

With President Biden seemingly now disinterested in this issue, perhaps it's time for Tehran's Arab neighbors to take over negotiations.

Middle East

Iran's nuclear program poses problems for China and the US

Are Beijing and Washington drifting toward a new cold war that inhibits any kind of effective cooperation on the nuclear issue?

Middle East

Why the Iran-Saudi agreement to restore ties is so big

The fact China helped to broker the deal is significant too. The question is, how will the US react?

Middle East

Biden's Iran policy makes no sense

Declaring that nuclear talks won’t resume as long as Tehran is helping Russia in Ukraine is more than self-defeating — it's reckless.