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international criminal court

Mapping it: Global South states charging war crimes in Gaza war

Mapping it: Global South states charging war crimes in Gaza war

An increasing number of countries are leading or supporting cases in international courts, further isolating Israel and US


Blinken grilled for maintaining Trump's sanctions on war crimes court

Rep. Ilhan Omar raised concerns in a hearing this week about whether Biden is legitimizing Trump's attacks on the ICC.

Washington Politics

Why the Trump administration has such disdain for the ICC

The U.S.'s use of torture in the so-called "war on terror" wasn't something confined to the shadows, but a policy actively defended by administration officials — still to this day.

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Targeting the ICC: Misguided sanctions imposed yet again

Team Trump's show of force this week against the ICC was a metaphor for its disdain for international law and institutions.

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Why the US should be supporting, not undermining, international justice

The U.S. is acting to undermine the legitimate work of a treaty-based international court that steps in only where national courts do not conduct genuine investigations or prosecutions of serious international crimes

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Collective punishment against ICC officials – and their families

The Trump administration's attempt to interfere with the International Criminal Court, simply because it is investigating Americans, is uniquely perverse.