Sarang Shidore

Sarang Shidore is a researcher, analyst, and commentator in geopolitical risk, international relations, and energy-climate security, with a special emphasis on South Asia, and additional expertise in scenario planning and strategic forecasting. He is currently Senior Research Analyst at the University of Texas at Austin, Senior Fellow at the Council on Strategic Risks in Washington DCand a consultant.

Sarang has consulted for and collaborated with think-tanks, governments, and political risk firms in multiple countries, including Council on Strategic Risks, Oxford Analytica, Stimson Center, Stratfor, UK Ministry of Defense, Paulson Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Indian Council of World Affairs. He has published more than 50 articles in policy research journals, edited volumes, and the media in his areas of expertise.

Sarang holds two master’s degrees in engineering and a master’s in international studies and diplomacy with a prior career in product management in the technology sector.

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