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Middle East

The fragile, renewed ties between Qatar and Bahrain

While the US welcomes the rapprochement, Doha and Manama's checkered past and diverging views on Iran and Israel pose roadblocks.

Middle East

Do China's ties to the Mideast run deep?

Recent visits to Beijing by regional foreign ministers show that the interest is mutual — and it's not all about energy.


Gulf states react cautiously to the ‘Taliban 2.0’

While it’s still unclear how Saudi Arabia and the UAE will respond, Qatar may take on a mediator role.

Middle East

Where the Abraham Accords are (and aren’t) going

Israel has improved its relationship with the UAE, but what about other Gulf countries?

Middle East

What does GCC rapprochement mean for Jordan?

In addition to economic benefits, the incoming Biden administration might help boost Jordan’s regional status.

Middle East

Kushner leaves Qatar blockade talks in the Middle East empty handed

Reports emerged of a possible breakthrough, but details were scant.