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great power politics

Who's afraid of the big bad Global South?

Who's afraid of the big bad Global South?

Sarang Shidore, director of QI's new Global South Program, takes a realist's view of the the world's post-unipolar realities.


Goodbye to the American Century, welcome to the 'G-3'

It is clear now that without a role for China and India, there will be no resolve to the Ukraine war. Here's why.


The United States, China, and great power competition in the Middle East

The world's leaders, including Washington, have lost their grip on the Middle East. So what will come next in the region?

Washington Politics

Promoting WWI as a 'great war' for liberalism is perverse, and dangerous

Scholars like Hal Brands twist the history to make their own hardline and confrontational positions attractive and idealistic.


GOP war drummers demanding action against Russia

Republicans can't afford to leave foreign policy to the hawkish wing of their party, lest they risk fighting again for someone else's war.


How Somaliland is playing its geostrategic cards better than most

Much of its success is driven by a lack of dependence on anyone, but now it must balance war and great power jockeying in the region.