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forever war

‘Mission Accomplished’ was a massive fail — but it was just the beginning
Middle East

‘Mission Accomplished’ was a massive fail — but it was just the beginning

Bush’s speech, 20 years ago this week, may seem foolish if not dangerous in hindsight, especially since US troops are still in Iraq today.

Global Crises

Airwars: Biden dramatically decreased global airstrikes in 2021

Military operations continue, as do civilian casualties, but are they down more than any time in recent history.

Military Industrial Complex

VIDEO: Iraq vet Matt Gallagher on why 'forever war' is dirty word to some, truth to others

And why waging a generational conflict is ultimately unhealthy for the republic.


Don't throw the baby out with the orange-tinted bathwater

George W. Bush, the architect of our 9/11 wars, is trying to tell us how to think and feel about the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Middle East

The US war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is 7-years-old today

With no end in sight and violence under the radar but ongoing, this is one 'forever war' that Biden risks perpetuating.

North America

Congress moves to revoke Eisenhower’s blank check for Middle East wars

Bet you didn't know there was an authorization for the use of military force against international communism still on the books.