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barbara lee

Reps. Lee, Pocan introduce bill that would trim defense budget by $100 billion
North America

Reps. Lee, Pocan introduce bill that would trim defense budget by $100 billion

People over Pentagon Act would represent largest single-year cut in DoD history

Global Crises

20 years after Iraq War vote, Barbara Lee is fighting to end the War on Terror

In an exclusive interview, the anti-war Democrat breaks down her efforts to rein in the president’s ability to wage war.

North America

Reps. Lee, Pocan want to exact the largest single-year budget cut in DoD history

Complaining that domestic priorities are being sacrificed, these Democrats want to slash military spending by $100 billion.

Military Industrial Complex

Giving the DoD a $56 billion haircut

This is the week when Congress can get the scissors out — or not. Either way, the military budget is overdue for a makeover.

Washington Politics

Conservatives throw weight behind repealing Iraq War AUMF

Saying the 2002 authorization for military force has been "stretched beyond belief," they hope to help pass a bipartisan bill on Thursday.

North America

Congress moves to revoke Eisenhower’s blank check for Middle East wars

Bet you didn't know there was an authorization for the use of military force against international communism still on the books.