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9 11 at 20 a week of reflection

A modest proposal: Fire all of the post 9/11 generals
Military Industrial Complex

A modest proposal: Fire all of the post 9/11 generals

We need to rebuild the ranks of the senior officer corps with members of a new generation who know where we went wrong — and do it now.

North America

How 9/11 enabled a preconceived vision of an imperial US foreign policy

An obscure Pentagon document from 1992 provided a blueprint for the ‘war on terror.’

Middle East

Day of reckoning for the media handmaidens of war

It's clear now that the invasion of Iraq and the 20-year GWOT couldn't have happened without the Fourth Estate's complicity.


How presidents used the 2001 AUMF to justify wars unrelated to 9/11

Congress's blank check helped launched conflicts, many currently ongoing, that have nothing to do with the terrorist attacks.

Global Crises

How 9/11 and the 'war on terror' tore the Arab world apart

The seeds of destruction were already planted with prior decades of colonialism propping up corrupt, weak governments.

Military Industrial Complex

I blew the whistle on my government after 9/11 but fear it did not matter

The first American charged under the Espionage Act after the attacks asks whether empire has permanently replaced the republic.