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yemeni civil war

Middle East

Despite a lull in violence, Yemen still strangled by humanitarian crisis

The two sides have weaponized the economy for over eight years. It's a game of chicken with the people caught in between.

Middle East

Biden’s problem in Yemen: The Houthis are winning

Because the Houthis are currently on the offensive, it will be difficult for the U.S. leadership to incentivize them to lay down their arms.

Middle East

Designating the Houthis terrorists will end up killing more Yemenis

Aimed to please Saudi Arabia, this bad idea will only exacerbate civilian suffering, while pushing the rebels into Iran's arms.

Middle East

Unabated war and descent into chaos in Yemen

The U.S., guilty by association in the launch of the war in 2015, has failed to fully engage its diplomacy in the service of peace, continuing instead to fuel the fighting with huge arms sales.

Middle East

What’s behind Iran’s sudden realignment with Turkey?

Rather than herald the emergence of a new alliance in the region, the recent rapprochement between Iran and Turkey appears to be a marriage of convenience.