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west africa


Junta’s massacre of protesters in Chad reveals sordid Western blind eye

The first thing the US should do is yank military aid — but it likely won't, having largely ignored such abuses before.


Tigray faces a new onslaught by Eritrean-Ethiopian forces

The US and EU must act urgently in support of Kenyatta to avert a possible genocide.

Military Industrial Complex

The military isn't tracking US-trained officers in Africa

AFRICOM says it promotes human rights and rule of law but doesn't know why trainees are overthrowing their own governments.


Bye-bye France? Not so fast. Mali failures don't quite mean a full exit

The West's counterterrorism project will likely continue throughout the Sahel, despite a lack of reflection on Paris's part.


WSJ plays into Biden admin's argument that West Africa is in US 'backyard'

Washington is looking for ways to rationalize its primacy over China and the media is all too happy to comply.

Global Crises

Are we training future coup leaders and creating new terrorists in West Africa?

Nine US mentees have overthrown governments since 2008, including one last week. Meanwhile, extremist attacks have increased 70 percent.