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united against a nuclear iran

Middle East

Hawkish group won't share questions for its dubious Iran deal poll

United Against Nuclear Iran’s recent survey finding that just 11 percent want any agreement with Tehran is highly suspect.

Middle East

Dark money network pushes pro-UAE/Saudi policies from New York

No Turks work for a new shadowy group targeting Turkey, but it is linked to an anti-Iran, pro-Israel network.

Middle East

Regime changers don't want Biden to re-join the Iran nuclear deal

Signatories of new letter to Biden don't mention their past calls for regime change and war with Iran.

Washington Politics

COVID-19 outbreak in Iran exposes twisted aims of Iran hawks

The U.S. sanctions that are contributing to the misery and death of Iranians are meant to save them ... or something.

Washington Politics

Collective punishment has always been the stated goal of Iran sanctions hawks

The Trump administration isn't relenting on its 'maximum pressure' campaign on Iran because it exists to create a humanitarian crisis.

Washington Politics

Amid coronavirus outbreak, Trump-aligned pressure group pushes to stop medicine sales to Iran

United Against a Nuclear Iran is naming and shaming pharmaceutical companies despite having special licenses to sell medicine to Iran.