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u s china relations

Can a spiny echidna help Australia avoid cold war with China?

Can a spiny echidna help Australia avoid cold war with China?

A new book by Sam Roggeveen offers a different path for Canberra as it deals with Beijing’s rise.


How a reckless report could increase the chance of a crisis with China

A new study from the Council on Foreign Relations on US Taiwan policy is both dangerous and misleading.


Surprise high level talks could calm US-China tensions over Taiwan

But experts say Washington and Beijing still need to make concrete steps to improve bilateral ties.


NATO foray into Asia risks driving China and Russia closer together

A new Tokyo bureau will be the first of its kind, further cementing the alliance’s shift toward the region.

North America

Why did Sen. Tuberville bet against this Taiwan company in stock trade?

The moves by this China hawk — who just happens to be on the armed services committee — raise big conflict of interest concerns.


The new battle for the compact states

The United States is working to keep China out of Palau, the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia.