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regime change


Is Putin on the way out?

The Russian president is vulnerable but circumstances favor an even more belligerent hardliner as his most likely successor.


Why any US push for regime change in Moscow is a bad idea

There are many who won't be satisfied with just getting Russia out of Ukraine — but removing Putin could backfire dramatically.


Biden needs to show restraint — in his public comments

His 'personal opinions' about regime change and genocide at best confuse people, at worst, unwittingly provide cover for hardliners.

Latin America

Today marks 60 years of the Cuban embargo. What exactly is it?

Fidel Castro once called it 'a tangled ball of yarn,' and after six decades, Washington's keystone regime change policy still hasn't worked.

Washington Politics

No way around it, all regime change policies are bound to crash and burn

A new book finds that failure is baked in the cake yet the US insists on playing with fire again and again.

Latin America

Realism — and restraint — should guide US dealings with Nicaragua's Ortega

One can loathe the man and still oppose Biden's attempts to isolate the country with the same old coercive strategies.